Local SEO

Whether "rent an apartment", "Italian restaurant" or "Apple support train" - already every third search query on the Internet contains a locality. 

No wonder that Google takes this up and optimizes search results locally.

Local SEO is therefore becoming increasingly important for companies in Switzerland! Because many small and medium-sized Swiss companies have not yet exhausted the possibilities of this form of optimization, the potential of Local SEO is enormous.

What is SEO anyway?

The term SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is used to describe the design of a homepage according to the criteria of search engines such as Google and Co. with the aim of making a website search engine friendly.

Thereby visible as well as invisible elements of the website are adapted in such a way that they are coherent with each other and the information is easily readable for search robots.

Through a good local search engine optimization, clever companies can stand out from their competitors and attract more visitors to their website through a better ranking.

How does Local SEO work? 


The classic SEO is an important basis for Local SEO. Local SEO is also initially based on onsite and offsite measures that belong to classic search engine optimization, such as link building, the correct use of the meta and title tag and the crawlability of the website. 


Google evaluates additional factors for the local ranking. These include:


• The local reference: How close is the searched location

• Local Citations: Quality and quantity of mentions and ratings on local business directories and portals

• Relevance: How well does the search query fit in terms of content

What does SEO cost?

The prices for search engine optimization (SEO) differ mainly in terms of the time and effort required for support and continuous optimization:


• Type and scope of the service (onpage optimization, offpage optimization)

• Number of search terms to be optimized

• Number of language regions

• Optimization and support period

Below is an overview of the expected costs:


SEO analysis & recommendation for online shop with 6 products

• The SEO prices for keyword analysis including recommended actions are on average 1'350.-

• In addition, there are monthly costs for ongoing SEO optimization, which range between 500-800.-

• Additional efforts can be added, which usually cost between 183.- / hour (senior SEO specialist) or 146.- / hour (junior SEO specialist).

SEO & content creation for online shop with 12 products

• The costs for the SEO-optimized blog concept including the creation of blog posts are on average 2'750.-

• The hourly rate for content creation is an average of 155.-

How long does SEO take?

Jumped to the front of the line from one moment to the next? Unfortunately, the optimization for Google search does not work like this. Be aware that with good search engine optimization it takes some time before you see real results. 

You should also know that it depends on the size of the project. For already established sites, which have already built a backlink profile, it usually takes about 3-6 months until the first results are available. A completely new site on the other hand has to prove itself first, because it has no "history" that Google could fall back on. You will have to be patient for about 9-12 months in such a case.

 Do not forget: Search engine optimization is not a one-time job, but an ongoing process. Stay with it - otherwise you will slip back into the back ranks. The competition never sleeps!

What is AdWords and how do AdWords ads differ from traditional search results?

With a well implemented optimization, your website has a better organic position in the search engines, thus automatically increasing the number of visitors to your website = traffic and also the possibility that they become your new customers = conversion!

Would you like to be number 1 on Google and Co. WITHOUT AdWords with your most important keyword?

What is a first place at Google worth?

That depends on the keyword, of course, but there are keywords where a first place is worth several 100,000 francs.

What about you? If you have a website that sells, regardless of whether it is an information product or a shop, then a first place is quickly worth several 1,000 francs.


At this point at the latest, every website operator realizes that he should take a closer look at this topic.

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